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In prison

Zahra Kaabi In prison

Zahra Kaabi was one of seven cyber-activists who were arrested on July 27, 2014. As of this report, no information is available about their conditions and whereabouts.

On July 27, 2014, Zahra Kaabi and six other cyber-activists were arrested by plainclothes security agents at Khak Cultural Center in Mashhad, the provincial capital of Razavi Khorasan.

The other activists were Hamid Hekmati, Ismail Izadi, Farid Saremi, Ali Chinisaz, Farjad Salehi and an unnamed person.

After the arrest, they were all transferred to an unknown location. Security agents raided their homes and seized computers, files, documents, satellite receivers and other personal effects.

As of this report, no information is available about the conditions and the whereabouts of Zahra Kaabi and the six other activists, despite their families’ attempts to locate them.

According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hamid Hekmati and Ali Chinisaz are known for their previous blogging activities, which criticized the Iranian government, and had been arrested in the aftermath of 2009 presidential election. Also Ismail Yazdi had previously been reprimanded due to his political and student activities.

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