Cyber activist.


Insulting Shia Imams
Insulting the Supreme Leader
Owning a satellite receiver
Spreading propaganda against the holy Islamic Republic


23 months


In exile

Danial Babayani In exile

Danial Babayani was sentenced to 23 months in detention on charges of propaganda against the regime and insulting Shi’a Imams. He is currently in prison where he has been since June 2014. Prior to being sentenced, he spent an additional four months in jail before being released on bail temporarily.

Danial Babayani, a Sunni citizen from the ethnic Turkmen minority, was arrested with two other Turkmens, Nematollah Kami and Habibollah Beigzadeh, in August 2013 by agents from the Golestan Intelligence Bureau situated in the northeast of Iran. A relative of one of the detainees told Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) “at the time of their arrest, the detainees were subjected to abuse and torture, in order for [intelligence officers] to obtain their Facebook login details. The Hajj pilgrimage CDs and family photo albums that were discovered were recorded in the prisoner’s cases as ‘obscene photos’.” Officials from the Ministry of Intelligence told the men during their interrogations that if they converted from Sunni Islam to Shi’ism, they would “escape a prison sentence.” Babayani was detained for four months before being released on bail. He was tried on December 10, 2013 at Branch 1 of the local Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Ghorbani where he was sentenced to 23 months in prison. Although he appealed the decision, the appellate court upheld the original verdict. He began serving his prison sentence on June 17, 2014. 

For more information, visit Journalism is Not a Crime, documenting cases of jailed journalists in Iran. This is part of IranWire’s series Crime: Journalism, a portfolio on the legal and political persecution of Iranian journalists and bloggers, published in both Persian and English. 

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