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Negar Masoudi In prison

Negar Masoudi is a photographer and documentary filmmaker living in Isfahan. Masoudi has a bachelor's degree in photography and a master's degree in art research. She has produced several photo exhibitions, solo and with others, and directed a number of short and feature films. Masoudi was arrested by security forces in Tehran on October 29, 2020 and then transferred to an unknown location. Security agents also searched her father's house and confiscated a number of Masoudi’s personal belongings. No information has yet been released on why Masoudi was arrested, the charges against her or her place of detention. Negar Masoudi had been following news of acid attacks in Isfahan for a long time prior to her arrest. She had previously held an exhibition with photographs of Marzieh Ebrahimi, a recent victim of an acid attack in Isfahan. The exhibition was called "Your Fate was Determined By a God that Others Worshiped,” a reference to a poem by the celebrated poet Ahmad Shamlou, in July 2018 at the Summer Gallery of the Iranian Artists Forum. In an interview with an Iranian newspaper, Massoudi spoke about her exhibition, saying: “I looked at this issue socially, but the important thing was that I felt that the incident had been forgotten. When I was looking for Marzieh Ebrahimi, I started to believe that this was the case, because it was very difficult to find her. I started this project with Marzieh because, firstly, the acid attack was the main issue for me. The second important issue for me was why were the women of Isfahan, who had been victims of these acid attacks, being ignored? Why was no one paying attention to them? These women were in a situation where it was almost as if the places of the perpetrators and the victims had been switched, and this was important to me.” Masoudi was one of many others who had been investigating the Isfahan acid attacks. She had even met with Nasrin Sotoudeh, a prominent lawyer and human rights activist, to draft a law restricting the sale of acid. The draft was not approved by the women's faction of Iran's parliament. Masoudi’s other notable photography exhibitions included the photography and video art exhibition “I Am Sick Like an Hour and I Am in Pain," which was shown in January 2015, and the photography exhibition “Do Not Cross the Streets and Alleys of the Shocked City,” from December 2016. She also participated in a collaborative exhibition with a number of other photographers at the Karun Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, in 2012. Negar Masoudi’s most recent work was a documentary called “Blue is the Color of My World” which addressed issues surrounding autism.
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