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Vida Rabbani In prison

Vida Robani, a journalist with the weekly Seda publication and a member of the Union of the Islamic People of Iran Party, a current reformist party, was arrested by security agents on November 22, 2020.

Vida (Vahideh) Rabbani is a woman human rights defender, social activist, journalist with the weekly Seda, and a member of the reformist Union of Islamic Iran People Party who was arrested on September 24, 2022, by the Morality Police following the death of Mahsa Amini. 
Details on the exact reason for Rabbani’s arrest and her place of detention have not yet been released.

Seda is a magazine that was established by the Executives of Construction Party, a reformist party which was founded in 1996 in support of the political agenda of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. But after the resignation of Mohammad Ghouchani, the editor of the magazine, the Union of the Islamic People of Iran Party took responsibility for the publication and Mohammad Javad Rouh became its editor.

Since 2020 Vida Rabbani has been arrested more than once. She was first arrested on November 22, 2020, by the agents of the Intelligence Ministry and was transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. On November 30 of that year, she went on a hunger strike in protest against her illegal arrest.

On December 20, 2020, after about a month of detention, Ms. Rabbani was released on bail from Evin Prison.

Vida Robani was also detained for several days in January 2020 for attending a protest rally after the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps shot down and destroyed Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 in which all 176 civilians aboard were killed.

In 2021, she was arrested for managing a popular room on the Clubhouse social media network, and she tweeted the Intelligence Ministry had threatened her and other room’s managers with five years in prison if they continued their activities.

In late June, Vida Rabbani reported she had been sentenced to five years in prison, with two of the years being suspended. Rabbani wrote she had been banned from engaging in professional activities for five years, including on social media. She is also not allowed to engage in political activity or participate in "gatherings".

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