Journalist; political reporter for Setareh Sobh weekly and the Rouzan newspaper.





Yaghma Fakhshami Released

Yaghma Fakhshami was detained in December 2014 and several months later the charges against him remain unknown. His family is very concerned about him, having only been able to talk to him once on the phone. Before the arrest, he worked as a political reporter for Rouzan.

Yaghma Fakhshami, who worked as a political reporter for Rouzan, was arrested on December 25, 2014 and taken to prison.

Two days before Fakhshami's arrest, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported that “the Tehran prosecutor's office ordered Rouzan to be shut down after it published a special edition on December 20 on the fifth anniversary of the death of Grand Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri, who had been put under house arrest due to disagreements with Supreme Leader Khomeini and, later, Supreme Leader Khamenei. Saham News reported that when Rouzan's managing editor, Shamsi Pourmohammadi, contacted the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, he was told the Ministry said it opposed the closure over the special edition.”

For a while after his arrest, his family was unaware of his whereabouts. He was allowed just one phone call to his family who concluded he was being detained at Evin Prison.

Months after his arrest, the charges against Fakhshami and any other information regarding him remains unknown.

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