Iranian TV Bans Award-Winning Actress
Iranian TV Bans Award-Winning Actress
31 July 2015 by Editor

Iranian television has banned the award-winning Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed Arya, who played in the movie "Yahya won't stay in silence".

Her name and picture has been removed from the movie’s trailer, which was recently broadcast on Iranian television.  

"I don't know the reason, but the director called me and told me that my name, my voice and my picture had been banned on TV. That is why I have been removed from the trailer," she told the Iranian news site Khabar Online.

“We [Iran] can negotiate with our enemies, solve our problems and reach a [nuclear] deal, but when it comes to cultural activities, we can't talk? I don't know why this happened. According to which rules and law?” she asked.

Motamed Arya also said she believes the recent nuclear deal and lifting of sanctions against Iran could have a positive impact on Iranian media and cinemas.

State television in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), has a history of banning actors and singers on television. Ayatollah Khameini, Iran’s Supreme Leader, has considerable influence over IRIB, and chooses its director general. Currently, Mohammad Sarafraz heads up the organization.


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