My Stealthy Freedom Documentary; Part 7: The Roots
05 December 2015 by Ala Mohseni

We have previously published six episodes of the My Stealthy Freedom documentary on Facebook. Starting today, we will be posting the final six episodes, and finally use your comments and responses to create the complete My Stealthy Freedom documentary. In other words, we will put together the documentary the same way the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page took shape: On social media, and with the help of the many people who took part. If you’d like to get involved in the making of this documentary by sending us videos or pictures, you can find our contact information at the end of each episode.

In previous episodes, we showed how the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page was born, how the public responded, and how, in a short time, it became hugely popular. We described how influential the page was in the case of the Isfahan acid attacks, and how it led to attacks and threats from Iranian hardliners and the intelligence apparatus of the Islamic Republic.

In forthcoming episodes, we go further back in time, to the childhood of My Stealthy Freedom’s founder, Masih Alinejad, and the issues she had, and still has, with her family, which was extremely religious and enforced the hejab, even in the confines of the home. The hejab became an insoluble problem for Masih as a restless child, who at the time was called Masoumeh. The hejab was not just a piece of cloth on her head; it was a symbol of all of Iran’s social and religious restrictions, and the extreme pressure placed on girls and women in the country. Perhaps Masih Alinejad’s relationship with her family and her struggle with the hejab can help us to better understand why she launched the page in the first place.

The seventh episode is entitled The Roots and deals with Masih Alinejad’s relationship with her parents. We invite you to watch it and send us your comments or personal experiences by following the instructions at the end of the episode.


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