My Stealthy Freedom Documentary; Part 8: The Roots 2
07 December 2015 by Ala Mohseni

Imagine a little girl, full of energy and enthusiasm, who wants to join her brother in playing games. She wants to swim in the river, climb a tree, and ride a bike. But she is not allowed to. She lives in a small village in Iran with her very religious family, who are firm believers in the hejab and other religious norms. Adding to her woes is her long, thick hair, which she struggles to hide under a headscarf. So the little girl is constantly wondering what sin she has committed to suffer these restrictions, and why she is treated so differently from her brother.

In the previous episode, My Stealthy Freedom’s founder Masih Alinejad told us about her relationship with her parents and the constant conflicts she had with them. In this episode, she continues the story of her childhood, and tells us about the many restrictions she faced, which laid the groundwork for her later rejection of forced hejab – despite her family’s opposition.

In the video, Masih Alinejad recounts her school years and the stifling religious teachings that mean half of the Iranian population are denied their most elementary rights. But Masih Alinejad persistently rejected these teachings – which eventually led to her expulsion from high school.

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