Iran Blocks Reformist Professor’s Blog
Iran Blocks Reformist Professor’s Blog
10 February 2016 by Editor

Iranian authorities have blocked the website of Mohsen Renani, a prominent Iranian reformist economist and professor at Isfahan University.

The website is Renani’s personal blog, on which he publishes his speeches and thoughts on issues related to Iranian economy.

According to Iran’s semi-official news agency ILNA, Renani’s website was blocked to internet users in Iran today, February 10.

It is not clear why his website was blocked, nor which Iranian authority is responsible.

Renani has often criticized the economic policies of the pervious Iranian government under the conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Last week Renani spoke about the upcoming elections and economic issues at Tehran and Allameh Tabatabai universities.

Iran is the world’s second most censored country when it comes to internet censorship. Foreign websites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are blocked to Iranians, who rely on circumvention tools to bypass the firewall.

Although the current government under the moderate president Hassan Rouhani has called for more internet freedom in the country, hardline elements retain control over many aspects of internet policy making and enforcement, including internet filtering.


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